Wholesale information

If you like our products and want to have them at your physical or online point of sale, do not miss the opportunity to be the only one to sell our products in your area. You´ll benefit with special promotions to maximize your profits.

Our range of products and illustrations are designed for persons who carry them, feels identified and wants to have all products. Given the breadth of designs we have, some or many of them will take space among their customers.Nuestras políticas de

Our wholesale policies were thought to create a good business opportunity for you. With our experience in selling to the public as well as wholesale, we do everything as possible to make your point of sale as beautiful as it is profitable.

Follow the steps below to register as a wholesale customer:

  • Register as a customer by clicking here if you have not already done.

  • Complete the Contact Form by providing the following additional information in the message:

  1. Your shop information: Shop name, Address, Web/Facebook. If you have several, please mention them.
  2. Social Rason and tax identification number.
  3. VAT rate to be applied: General Regime, Equivalence Surcharge, Intra-Community (VIES NIF valid), IGIC or Extra-Community.

After reviewing the information provided, we will proceed to configure your customer profile as a wholesale customer. Please note that this process may take a few days and furthermore there are certain legal conditions and company policies to comply with so we can do wholesale.